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How to Choose the Best Office System Furniture

System furniture can be an extension in your interior design, playing a big part in your building budget. With the increasing amount of system furniture manufacturers in Malaysia, business owner has the luxury to choose from different range, form factor, design etc. The great amount of choices will often confuse business owner what and who to choose from. Quality of designs and materials used are 2 main factors in differentiating one manufacturer from another. For this reason, Zen Pro has decided to come up with a brief checklist as a guideline to start off with.


Panel material is something to look into, where we would strongly advice not to save a few bucks from low end panels. They are made of particle board with stretched fabrics, often bubble up and come unstuck.

Also one has to look into the panel support. Are there frames around the panel? If yes, how do the joints look like and are there gaps between end pieces and the extrusions? Additional supportive functions would be a plus point, for example to support small shelves and paper files.

Cable Management is a must when electronic accessories come into place. Wires will give employees a big headache on site. Make sure the panels come with effective cable management.

Desk Top, Legs and Power

The top finish is the first thing one might want to look into before jumping into a purchase. There are many cheap options comes with laminated finish, with melamine and timber veneer. Make sure to choose an office desk with a better finish quality to provide longer lasting lifetime that could take some beatings in the process.

Make sure there are frames built in under the desktop, normally comes in stainless steel or aluminum. It will definitely come in handy for multipurpose whether for filing, CPU, or stationery storage. Some desks are built without a metal support frame joining the legs. In the very low end systems, the legs can be screwed directly into the timber top. Leg and top wobbling will occur first eventually falling off. Make sure the frames come built in will not obstruct leg movements underneath the desk top. Knees hitting the frames would be the last thing your employees want in their job scope.


Service can be often overseen in office system furniture. Business owners would want their system to be built in the shortest time possible with the best quality. They should also keep in mind the duration of warranty provided, and to what extent it covers. Better choose the company with an after sales support team, this will come in very handy in the future.


We couldn't stress more on choosing the best chair for your employees. They work 8-10 hours per day sitting on the task chair, so why not spend a little bit more for a comfortable and healthy working environment. Asian workers are reported to suffer back pain and sickness. Do not settle on low end chairs. They might look and feel like a good chair, but the case normally last for only a few months.

Aspects to consider are what kind of material is used in the construction of the chair. The most commonly found material would be PVC, proved to be not durable. What material is the back of the chair? Don't settle for thin plywood, they don't provide ergonomic back support and breaks easily. Better go for a five star base instead of a four stair because it provides way more stability.

Functionality is very important on task chairs. Due to the fact Asians are built smaller and shorter compared to the westerns, we would love to have the seats to be adjustable to a higher height. Other minor functions to add on would be arm support, adjustable tilt and tension, lock mechanisms etc.