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Malaysia Office Furniture – 5 Ergonomic Chairs You Can Get From ZenPro

Freedom Headrest

Revolutionary at its very core, Freedom has set a new standard for ergonomic task chair design. More than a decade after its introduction, the classic design incorporates new seating technology from enhanced armrests to an improved back shell mechanism for superior functionality. Free of locks and tension knobs, Freedom provides the right fit for every user every time.

Diffrient Smart Chair

This innovative office chair utilizes ZenPro's very own Humanscale's Form-Sensing Mesh Technology. The office chair houses a backrest with tri-panel fit that is designed for instant lumbar support. Imagine the backrest like a custom tailored shirt that provides an all around personal lumbar support. The chair features Humanscale's patented mechanism-free recline, twinned with a sophisticated weight sensitive system that is smart enough to automatically adjusts to the body weight of each and every employee for the perfect support. The ergonomic range of movement is maximized in this design to be fully functional. On top of all that, Diffrient Office Chair's arm rests allows users to move on horizontal and vertical axis.

Liberty Task Chair

This office chair is like no other conventional mesh chair you can find in the market, it utilizes ZenPro's Form-Sensing Mesh Technology. Again with the revolutionary tri-panel back rest construction, it just proved exceptional body fitting support that the basic mesh chairs simple failed to deliver. Simplicity is king. You don't have to make manual adjustments to fine tune the perfect lumbar support; the chair just simple does it. Liberty's mesh office chair is designed and formed by combining multiple panels of non-stretch mesh for better support and rigidity. Imagine the way where tailor combines multiple layers of fabric to form a shirt, which is what you will get on this office chair. Its contours are custom made to both fit and support almost everyone in unmatched comfort. Your employees can start working efficiently.

Diffrient World Chair

DIffrient World Chair was one of the pioneering products that have brought fame to the all-mesh office chair line up. Like its bother the Liberty, this office chair houses the same tri-panel backrest that literally hugs the back to provide tailor-made lumbar support. Mesh materials are integrated into the design for 2 reasons – better airflow and to eliminate contact stress under thighs. However, the real innovation lies with the mechanism-free recline system that leverages two parts of the office chair's frame to provide automated balanced support throughout the entire magnitude of recline. We dare to say no chair could be more intuitive and comforting as this, the Diffrient World Chair.

Mode Office Chair

Mode is the office chair that could easily be the representation of its segment, the perfect balance between functionality and comfort. The chair office up to 12 degrees of reclines to encourage stretching movements. Manufactured with Humanscale's signature ergonomic technology, this chair supports the body's natural curve. Also worth mentioning is the molded waterfall seat that has been cleverly integrated to reduce the pressure on the back of the knees. The office chair does not sacrifice aesthetics. It is built with a timeless design that will be ready to complement modern interior designs. This is made for the future, like no other office chairs this is ideal for next generations' working environment.