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Choosing the Right Conference Table

A conference room is the central site of every office. It is not just a venue for staff meetings and presentations, but a place where brains unite, brainstorming ideas to enhance the company's performance. Therefore, it is crucial to have the conference table that is worth the price. Before making any decision, you might want to consider the following pointers.

How Large is Your Conference Room?

While it is generally not feasible to alter the structure of the conference room, there is a wide array of conference tables available that give you a variety of choices for personalization. The primary aspect to consider when selecting the appropriate conference table for your business is identifying the space you have. A basic layout of the meeting room should be mapped for you to determine the ideal size of the work surface. Your conference table should be placed at the centre, allowing chairs to be moved around.

How Many People Does Your Table Need to Seat?

Based on room space and an estimated figure of people who will be seated around the table, a conference table should provide ample room for healthy body movements. Ensure there is a reasonable distance between individuals while they interact with one another. During formal meetings, lengthy discussions or training seminars, comfort is of paramount importance to attendees; as it would be difficult for them to concentrate if seated too close together.

Shape of The Table

The ambience of your boardroom will largely be defined by the conference table. Every design and style associates a distinct character to the meeting area. The classics are rectangular tables, but oval-shaped ones are also as popular. For smaller-sized meeting rooms, round and square meeting tables are common choices, as they place everyone on level footing, thus generating a friendly feel.


The durability and functionality of your conference table depend on the materials used in its construction. If your conference table is widely used, choose one that is made of solid wood instead of one with glass table top. Laminates are commonly used for conference tables and office furniture because they are strong, durable, easy to care for and don't fade.


A conference table should be proportional to the conference chairs in terms of size and style. Ensure that the table can accommodate the size of existing conference chairs to avoid cramping and discomfort. Space available must account for the base of the conference chairs as well, so that people can leave their seat easily.

With the right conference room table and appropriate seating, good productivity can be achieved. You may even order a customized conference table with built-in technological functions such as plug-ins and sockets. If you need further help deciding on the perfect conference table, it is always wise to obtain professional advice on such matter.