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Best Office Chair

Zenpro offers the best office chair in Malaysia. We offer chairs from big manufacturers such as Kastel, Steelcase, and STUA. We have a variety of chairs available on our website, here are some chairs from each manufacturer you should buy.

Chairs from Steelcase:

  • The Steelcase Series 2

The Steelcase series 2 is a well-known chair around the world. It's a very ergonomic chair and has many special features to its name. It has a geometric 3D design and has a higher stool. It includes an optional headrest, and a coat hanger adds further convenience. It features Steelcase's signature Air Live back Technology. It provides sophisticated support and has advanced back support.

  • The Gesture

The Gesture is a chair that has unique movements and offers the utmost comfort. It is designed to provideyou with continuous and persistent back support. The Gesture is an overall great chair, and we at Zenpro will highly recommend it. It is designed for sustainability and comfort. It has a long life cycle and has Level 2 and Level 3 Certifications from ANSI. You can view the certificates on the official Steelcase Website.

Chairs from Kastel:

  • The Konca Chair/swivel

The swivel is a chair that you will find in most meetings. It comes in two different colors, black and white. It has a nylon base and has a comfortable armrest. The chair is very comfortable for long meeting times and can be used outdoors and indoors. It has a metal bottom and gives off a professional look. We at Zenpro highly recommend this chair.

  • The Kicca Swivel

This swivel chair has a unique design and has comfortable seating. The armrests are comfortable and come in various colors, including red, blue, green, purple, yellow, and orange. This chair also has a metal bottom and includes an option to upgrade from nylon base to aluminum.

Chairs from STUA:

  • The Gas Swivel

This is an ergonomic office chair and offers a metal bottom with wheels attached to it. It has a nylon bottom and a good headrest. You can, however, upgrade it to have an aluminum base. It also can be moved around the office and comes in black, yellow, and white color.

  • Libera

Libera is an ergonomic office chair that looks plain and simple but has the best armrest support and has good back support. It can come in a light color such as brown or a dark color such as black. It is very light and can be moved around the office.

Apart form all above Zenpro assists regarding customized office partition and help in to utilize the small space of office.