Z1 Frameless Panel - Acrylic

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Z1 Frameless Panel - Acrylic

Frameless Acrylic with Frosted Sticker on 25mm Aluminium Track.


Desk based Panel system.

Combined to use with the Desking system of ReFrame, SQS, Actual, Bridge or SQ.

Optional Frameless Panel: Fabric (18mm Thickness), Acrylic (Sticker frosted or coloured, or clear), Glass (sticker frosted or coloured, or clear), or Whiteboard.

Optional Modesty: Metal with Stripe design, Metal with of Perforated square design, etc.

Standard Height: H250, H350 or H450 mm.

Standard Width: L750, L900, L1050, L1200, L1350 or L1500 mm.