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Furniture Online Malaysia

Zenpro offers the best office furniture available in Malaysia. Zenpro is a leading company when it comes to selling furniture from reputable brands in Malaysia. We have direct contacts with the best companies such as Steelcase, Kastel, and STUA.

Office partitions:

We have experts who know how to handle office furniture and know what kind of furniture works best for office partitions. We make sure that all the furniture inside an office partition, inside too clustered and has enough space for employees to walk comfortably to their desks. We also make sure to choose furniture that helps the IT department work for a longer period of time and ensure that our chairs provide the best back support to our clients. Like most types of furniture we sell, They have certifications from reputable sources such as ASCI and other certifications that provide the client with proof of how much they are spending on their furniture and how much worth it is, getting a certified product. We have ergonomic office chair that provide lumbar and armrest support. Most chairs we offer can get an Aluminium base and have an option to not have a headrest. Some of our chairs include hangers for coats and offer different kinds of rotations and back support to the user.

Short Description of companies that we are partnered with:

Here is a short description of each company

  • Steelcase Chairs

One of the most prominent companies when it comes to Steelcase chair. They are a leading group when it comes to providing Steelcase chairs in Malaysia office furniture, and these chairs are designed to unlock human promise and support social, economic, and environmental stability.

  • Kastel Chairs

Kastel chairs are manufactured in Italy and are imported by Zenpro. Kastel chairs provide the most comfort when working in an office environment, and they are in A-1 Quality and are ISO certified. They offer chairs for different scenarios and environments.

  • STUA Chairs

These chairs are office furniture manufacture in Spain. They are also imported by Zenpro and are one of the best chairs when it comes to aesthetics and engineering. Its founder aims to provide timeless furniture designs.