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STUA Designer Chairs

A designer furniture manufacturer based in San Sebastian, Spain, STUA has created designer chairs that embodies an extraordinary level of aesthetic and engineering detail since its founding in the early 1980s. Armed with the mission of its founder, Jesus Gasca, to create timeless furniture designs, STUA limits its own product range to ensure every piece of STUA furniture is exquisitely crafted and of the best possible quality.

STUA prides itself on the fresh spirit found in their work, which sprouts from their emphasis on balancing innovativity and originality with the principles and character of classic modern design.

STUA follows the philosophy of Jesus Gasca to create furniture that embodies modern technology and simple shapes—creating works that conform to the user while retaining its full function. STUA's direction can perhaps be summed up by what their founder has to say about design: "Good design is not only about beautiful shapes. It always has to be clever in the solution of functional questions."

STUA is a bearer of the National Design Award, which is the most prestigious design-related award in Spain.

STUA's designer chairs have Scandinavian influences with a Mediterranean touch, and they offer a wide range of choices catered for both residential and commercial use. STUA's series of chairs such as the NUBE armchair, the MALENA armchair, the GLOBUS chair and many more are elegant seating solutions for almost every occasion, every place, every time.

The company's signature offerings include the Gas chair—which has won multiple awards since its introduction—and the Egoa chair, which brought back the 1988 Innovate Design Melbourne prize and has since been recognized as a classic design.

For More Info, please visit website https://www.stua.com/