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Types of Office Partitions and Their Benefits

Office partitions are widely practiced around the globe to offer a private and secure place to the employees and to maintain disciplines in the workplace. The good thing about the office partition is that it is cost effective and it offers lasting result. In partition, you do not need to spend more like creating walls to make the place safe and private. Partitions meet the same purpose with less expenditure and it takes less space as well. Currently, partitions are coming in different models and with an easy installation process. You can simply buy and fix them in the required places. You can get both the expensive and inexpensive partitions models in the market.

Some of the popular office partitions are portable partition and glass partition. While portable partition offers more light to the place, the glass partitions can be easily removed. Some of the other types of the partitions are floor-to-ceiling office partitions, cubicles, and accordion walls.

Floor to Ceiling partitions

Floor to ceiling partition is used by many workplaces to ensure the privacy of the employees and to offer them a healthy environment to perform their job. In some cases, these partitions are also referred as full height partition. But in reality, by this partition, the employer will not be fully enclosed and will not be completely invisible by other employees as well. This partition offers more privacy as metal is used for creating the partitions and cloth is used to cover the floor. This process is easy and simple. It can be easily arranged and removed to any convenient place without much difficulty. Anyone can do this partition with a little experience.

Glass Partitions

In the current conditions, glass partitions are preferred by everyone. It not only offers privacy and disciplined environment, it also enhances the beauty of your places as well. This process is also simple. You just need to use aluminum and glass material for creating these partitions. Two types of the glass partitions are available; one comes with a frame and another without the frame. You need to get the one according to your needs. Glass partitions are also accessible in both full and a half height panels. If you want more privacy, you can get the full height panel glass. Otherwise, half panels are preferred as it offers more light and visibility. The installation process is easy as well. The noise and disturbance can be reduced to a great level by the glass partition. The price of the glass partitions mostly depends on three factors, frame, types of the glass, and the space of the partition. If your budget is restricted, you can buy inexpensive glasses without any strong frame. But for better results, you will have to pay more.


Cubicles are widely used as the common dividers in most of the workplaces. Cubicles are also known as half height partitions by many users as it offers enhanced privacy and discipline. These partitions are considered convenient as you can easily move it from one place to another according to your requirements. You can do it on your own without taking the help of any professional. The installation process is also simple. This partition is made by four walls with an opening to ensure the secure entrance and exist. You will find the fourth wall of this partition half and the work-space in the cubicle usually features filling system, work desk, computer space, and related software. These partitions are not that expensive and offer lasting results.

Portable Office Partitions

Portable partitions normally come as rollers. If you are looking for some temporary and flexible partition then portable partitions can be a good option for you. It is less expensive, but it works well to reduce the noises. When it comes to the privacy, it offers minimal results only.

Accordion Walls

These partitions are very convenient. You can easily and quickly change them from one place to another according to your requirements. By these partitions, you will get enhanced privacy as it comes with full enclosure. Portable partitions are similar to the floor to ceiling partitions. Both of them offer more privacy.

You can choose any of these office partitions depending on your requirements. All these partitions are available with a variety of price ranges. Hence, you can buy them without hurting your budget.