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Why Choose Office Open Plan System

Open Plan System continues to gain popularity among Malaysian offices to expand the portfolio of office products, trying to accommodate a complete solution in working environments. Business owners today have the luxury to choose from collaborative office system and partitions to private offices. The following article discusses the benefits and pitfalls of an open plan office system.

A traditional private office is dignified, so peaceful with almost zero distractions. Imagine it much like a 1960's offices, with an ashtray stand and desk side mini bar cart; it's increasingly becoming a relic of its past. Offices and workforce today favors open plan system for many reasons. This doesn't apply solely for administrative employees or call centers; in fact it is being introduced widely among offices of professionals like law firms. Several medicine and pharmaceutical offices spotted to practice open plan environment among doctors.

One of the main reasons for open plan system among offices is the costing of the design. The design is able to fit more employees in less space. Come to think about it, it would be impossible to put employees into 6x8 cubicles in a closed office comfortable. Feedbacks from employees are "it feels just like prison cells". With smart designs and office system furniture, you can reduce the amount of space drastically by deploying employees in a 6x8 foot desk in an open plan environment. Statistic also shows that average amount of spaces taken up for employee/square feet have reduced by a third since 1985. In layman terms, business owners are able to accommodate 3 times more employees given the same office space in an open plan system.

The practice has been common since the 1970s and 1980s. Office layouts shifted to open-plan systems that promote open communication, minimal bureaucracy and collaboration with less emphasis on private individual spaces. Employees have reported that they favor open plan system die to a sense of community among colleagues. Performance increase is reported to reach 440% when effective collaboration is correctly deployed. Entrepreneurs around the world like Mark Zuckerberg and Tony Hsieh still works in an open space with other employees.

However not all employees can live through a day of in an open plan system, due to the distractions that comes with the system. Some employees are reported that concentration falls in an open plan system; some just need to work in a quiet and private space. There are claims directing the lack of privacy among individuals is another factor discouraging open plan system. For employees as such will experience lower performance output in an open plan system.

Therefore such changes to office layout must be carefully planned beforehand, making sure the benefits outweigh the problems that come with it. Business owners must also ensure the open plan layout fits the company culture before proceeding to the drastic change. After all the planning of new office plans won't do any good if employees could not take full advantage of the spaces.