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Kastel Designer Seating from Italy

Kastel is a producer of designer seating and chairs based in Italy, offering unique pieces of sitting furniture which celebrates comfort with design. A quality-oriented, ISO 9001-certified company, Kastel produces a wide range of chairs for a variety of places and occasions.

Kastel's dynamic operations and business strategies enable the company's consolidated production capabilities to deliver works that pushes the field of interior design and decoration to the next level. Kastel's products consist of numerous types of seating for use in offices, communities and homes, primarily in the area of guest & stacking chairs, task chairs, executive chairs and lounge & conference chairs.

Every step of Kastel's production is guided by its mission and core philosophy of "Celebrating Comfort with Design". Kastel crafts their chairs by maximizing the essential characteristics of their core philosophy: skilled craftsmanship, advanced technologies, new materials and constantly evolving design.

Not only does Kastel produce works that are aesthetically pleasing, their design direction is strongly led by in-depth research into the field of human factors and ergonomics, ensuring their chairs offer maximum functionality and comfort to users as well.

The company is also greatly responsive to market needs, requirements and trends. Designs by Kastel are purpose-driven and are aimed at being the ideal solution to any needs and wants by the users.

The results of Kastel's processes are designer chairs that combine incredible functionality with a highly prestigious image.

For more info, please visit website https://www.kastel.it/