ZenPro is Your One-Stop Malaysia Office Furniture System Solution Partner

ZenPro is Malaysia's leading office space planning and office furniture Systems Company specializing in office modular furniture, office partitions, open plan systems, Kastel Designer Seating, & Stua Designer Chairs We provide quality office furniture that is both innovative and inspirational in design. Our office furniture systems are designed to adapt and enhance your office space and environment. Our creative yet functional designs will ensure you a well planned office workspace.

We have myriad solutions for all your office furniture needs. From modular office furniture, office partitions, to open plan office systems; we are dedicated to providing you with quality office furniture systems to meet your operational needs. We provide trendy and functional office furniture solutions in Malaysia and abroad to meet any budget. Our range of modular office furniture systems has consistently set the industry's benchmark for quality workmanship and functional creativity at great prices.

Whether you are looking for a single piece of Office Furniture or thinking about office renovations or contemplating a large-scale revamp of your entire office workspace, ZenPro is the "go to" brand.

Office Modular Furniture

We offer a wide array of offerings on office modular furniture and systems. They are all designed with aesthetic and modern appeal to your office interiors. The office modular furniture is flexible to different layouts and plans, designed from high quality materials in elegant designs.

Office Partitions

ZenPro offers a wide variety of office partitions that are flexible for different office layout that favors open plan systems. Office partitions come in a variety of colors and all are built with strong stainless steel metal frames. They can be used in multiple variations among the office.

Office Open Plan

ZenPro is a specialist in office open plan system planning. We first understand the corporate culture and workplace aspirations before proceeding. We are aware that a well planned open plan can help motivate the workplace to be much more creative and effective.

Office Chairs

ZenPro makes sure that our office chairs are all designed with the ergonomic symmetry in mind. We boast a large variety of office chairs from sofa chairs to typist chairs, visitor chairs and leather executive chairs. Our staple series "Steelcase" perfects the art of chair manufacturing.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Office Turniture

We have, at least once come across situations where we have no idea what to consider in office furniture purchases. There are so many factors revolving office furniture to consider when buying office furniture. The importance of office furniture is prominent…

Increase Your Office Productivity With Quality Office Furniture

Business owners are constantly looking for methods to maximize the productivity among the office. This directly leads to higher profits so it is not that hard to understand why after all. Many methods were experimented and used over decades of industrial revolutions.

Kastel Designer Seating

Kastel is a producer of designer chairs based in Italy, offering unique pieces of sitting furniture which celebrates comfort with design. A quality-oriented, ISO 9001-certified company, Kastel produces a wide range of chairs for a variety of places and occasions.

STUA Designer Chairs

A designer furniture manufacturer based in San Sebastian, Spain, STUA has created designer chairs that embodies an extraordinary level of aesthetic and engineering detail since its founding in the early 1980s. Armed with the mission of its founder, Jesus Gasca, to create timeless furniture designs…


Our collective portfolio of products and solutions integrates furniture, architecture and technology – the most comprehensive range of solutions in the industry.

Our commitment to quality has been a foundational element of our success for the past one hundred years, and you can see – and feel – it in everything we make.

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